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The Moonlit EP

  • By Justin

Justin Clark and the Tranzient Ensemble NEW RELEASE! 2018

The Moonlit EP

The Moonlit EP

New Music from Justin Clark and the Tranzient Ensemble available here for free!

Download here

Tracks and Composers

  1. Sneaky and Creepy – Jonathan Maag
  2. Slippery When Wet – Patrick Schnyder
  3. Moonlit – Ed Neumeister
  4. Variations on a Frescobaldi Canzona – Massimo Pinca
  5. ismism – Justin Clark


  • Justin Clark – Bass Trombone
  • Didier Métrailler – Drums and Percussion
  • Loïc Defaux – Marimba and Vibes
  • Matteo Burci – Double Bass
  • Romain Hürzeler – Violin

Please help support us by donating! Your donations go directly to the musicians, composers, and recording engineers involved. We think this recording is at least the price of 2 beers, or 3 coffees, or at least couple slices of pizza.

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